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ja-jan Li    (4 days ago...   0)
Wow! It is cool! I never eat this!☺️☺️
yh ASMR 양호    (14 days ago...   1)
I love the recipe. The food looks so delicious! Good video.
keehon61    (16 days ago...   0)
Wah unusual yummy pizza😋
SOM TAM    (16 days ago...   0)
Where is your husband?why is he not joining you eating?
quốc bảo trần    (16 days ago...   0)
I am from Vietnam, enjoyed watching her channel
chu yaa    (16 days ago...   1)
Tony Cadle    (16 days ago...   0)
Looks good keep up the good work
lamar time    (17 days ago...   0)
I'm from Syria ,love you so much
Iuliana Sandu    (17 days ago...   0)
Very best food today 🤣😆😘😘😘😘
ẨM THỰC/CUISINE - Youtube Channel    (17 days ago...   2)
ชอบ; ดีมาก.
I am from Vietnam. I am a your subscribe. Yeah.
Rose Lovezz    (17 days ago...   0)
love from Taiwan


Gin Pai Thai Rang, @yainangdenmark