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Ardra Ardra    (7 months & 13 days ago...   0)
Dont use your dirty oily hands..dont you have a FORK? how primitive gentle
Madhu Bisht    (7 months & 15 days ago...   0)
Chicken ko aapne Dekhane k leye rakha hai
P byas    (7 months & 17 days ago...   0)
save food..don't eat like demon
Kimberly Martyn    (7 months & 24 days ago...   0)
Is the salmon raw ?
Chuchay Acolacol    (8 months & 20 hours ago...   0)
With all that food I am amazed that you don't gain weight.
S kumar    (8 months & 8 days ago...   1)
Nice I'm india
abhijit das    (8 months & 16 days ago...   0)
Why you not using chopsticks... Looks better than eating with hands specially when you eat noodles.....
Thi Thach Nguyen    (9 months & 9 days ago...   2)
I don’t think you’re going to eat a whole chicken by yourself 😂😂😂!
Myrtle Syd    (9 months & 12 days ago...   0)
I saw a 🐈 tail.
kora robert    (9 months ago...   0)
but I can't understand your languages otherwise I enjoying your eating
kora robert    (9 months ago...   1)
Mam I really enjoy the way you eat crunchy vegetable yellow pepper noodles,chicken n so on
Nid Sponseller    (9 days ago...   0)
Every time I see. You are so beautiful! That’s looks delicious my dear! Thank you 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👍👍


Gin Pai Thai Rang, @yainangdenmark