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Kenneth Brown    (17 days ago...   0)
Happy 50th birthday from Brenda clinkscales
Ava Owens    (2 months & 26 days ago...   0)
Please let me know if you ship to the United States, I would love to buy some.
Ava Owens    (4 months & 5 days ago...   0)
Hello, I would love to buy this product from you. I am 67 years old and for the first time in my life I have acne on my face. I don't understand why ,but I do have it. Could you please tell me the price. I thank you and have a wonderful day.
amada mesinas    (4 months & 29 days ago...   0)
I have melasma, please help!!!!!! Thanks
Maria Dsouza    (5 months & 1 day ago...   0)
Is he your husband or boyfriend. Sometimes you say boyfriend and sometimes you say husband. Are u confused?
Tammy Smith    (5 months & 11 days ago...   0)
How can I get some serum? To look younger
Judith Robertson    (5 months & 18 days ago...   0)
Enjoy ur new house. I dont need serum but thank u for doing the give away. Much love
Jin Juice    (5 months & 27 days ago...   0)
Happy belated birthday 🎂 I have a combination skin, more than one issue I had to deal with, hopefully I get chosen as one of your lucky fc to receive your products. Happy eating
Monette Dela peña    (6 months & 2 days ago...   0)
How i wish i could have one coz i have freckles and weinkles
LIeb Lee    (6 months & 8 days ago...   0)
People with bad skin try Botox and laser.
Julianna White    (6 months & 11 days ago...   0)
How much for the bottle?
Momi Mara    (6 months & 11 days ago...   0)
Ohh my ohh my watt a lovely yummy day with lots of yummy delicious meals😋😋😋 enjoy it all🤗 much love,blessings &&&&& Aloha Always🤙💕😘
Lau Sin Ying    (6 months & 14 days ago...   0)
take care
weather change very fest
Komang Basgiarsi    (6 months & 29 days ago...   0)
I want facial serum to black sports
Shiela Pineda    (6 months & 30 days ago...   0)
Happy Birthday, with hormonal imbalance that also causes dark spot on the skin, serum will makes you young and glass skin.
M B    (7 months ago...   0)
Where can we find the Naura products? I have tried so many expensive products and nothing seems to help my melasma, getting desperate 🤦‍♀️ please help 🙏
Kay No bien    (7 months & 5 days ago...   0)
Happy 50th birthday, success to your channel. Thanks for the birthday giveaway. I'd like the serum to fix my dark spots and rosacea.
Tiffany Phetngao    (7 months & 6 days ago...   0)
Beautiful kitchen and very clean!
Margie_ Galolo    (7 months & 8 days ago...   0)
Happy 50th Birthday!
Hope i can use that serum for my Acne ..
Hoan Ny Son    (7 months & 9 days ago...   0)
I want this serum because my face has acne and dark spots. Everyone always says that my face is darker than my body. I don’t know how to improve my face skin. I’m from Vietnam. Or could you give some advice about any product. I’m 30 this year. And work as office staff. 😊 thank you
Aon Thong    (7 months & 10 days ago...   0)
I have sunspot . I would like to buy a couple. I live in the US
Laurie Co    (7 months & 11 days ago...   0)
I need the serum for acne and dark spots
lisa thapa    (7 months & 11 days ago...   0)
I want to buy those bottles. From Nepal
Trang Van    (7 months & 11 days ago...   0)
An ha tien đo an so het thi đung quay video thay ret
Shoua Ly    (7 months & 12 days ago...   0)
Happy 50th to you. Love watching you cook and eat. I have freckles and sun spot. Would the serum help with that?


Gin Pai Thai Rang, @yainangdenmark