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Karyn Bach    (16 hours ago...   0)
Are you shrimp fresh or frozen? I am not sure if it is safe to eat raw frozen shrimp. Any thoughts, anyone? I really want to try the recipe but what's holding me back is incant really get fresh shrimps.
Rupa Giri    (5 days ago...   0)
From Nepal
Rupa Giri    (5 days ago...   0)
God bless you all the best for you
Celebrity    (9 days ago...   0)
Can you help me miss,i want to buy nam pla ra or pickled fish sauce,but they cannot shipping to indonesia,you you help me find the store who willing to ship it to indonesia?
kring kring    (10 days ago...   0)
What's that small red fruit or vegie?
arie handayani    (22 days ago...   0)
Is that baking soda powder ?
hlubkuvdua all    (25 days ago...   0)
Sorry for your loss.😢
Ahhh Kaä    (1 month & 2 days ago...   0)
Where did she live?
April Liani    (1 month & 2 days ago...   0)
8.29 - 8.30 ghost of ur window
hottie momshiex81    (1 month & 3 days ago...   0)
Hi maam I like your video, can I ask if what sauce did you put ? Before the fish sauce? It looks so tasty
Petra Suarez    (1 month & 6 days ago...   0)
You're back after having a DOUBLE EYELID SURGERY... waited for you too long. Big fan here...
jred2 jred    (1 month & 12 days ago...   0)
Oh're food is soooO yummooh😋😋😋🤤
Yvonne Hendriks    (1 month & 14 days ago...   0)
Such a sweet lady..... to add in her english translations. My first time watching this video and it got me subscribed to her channel immediately. ❤❤❤
LARY CUỘC SỐNG Ở CANADA    (1 month & 19 days ago...   0)
Look so yummy 😋
subee kumar    (1 month & 20 days ago...   0)
Hello lady why you eating so much and why you’re are eating raw shrimp and raw salmon it’s not healthy for your system you will get worm living in your intestines. You are such a turnoff.
linah family    (1 month & 21 days ago...   0)
That Look so good..i like ♥️♥️
Mary Dunnigan    (1 month & 23 days ago...   0)
So sorry for your loss... welcome back!!!
Lau Plonplan    (1 month & 24 days ago...   0)
You made som tum make me hungry
Yati Ismi    (1 month & 28 days ago...   0)
Hope your family rest in peace.
I don't like spicy so when you eat chili it scary me 😊😊, but it look delicious.
AJ Ferns FAMILY    (2 months & 1 hour ago...   0)
This food looks so good
Ninja YT    (2 months & 5 days ago...   0)
R. i. p
Trina Camacho    (2 months & 6 days ago...   0)
Condolences to you and Family. May your Mom Rest In Peace.

Love your mukbangs.😋
danny pham    (2 months & 6 days ago...   0)
wow 😲 , oh my goodness , i love you eating the mix papaya anything good food at your papaya , look your papaya mix so good , and you got some vietnamese rice noodle , this it’s true , i’m half america and half vietnamese => i mean i’m amerasian , i live in america , but i have some friends they from lao and thailand 🇹🇭, but , i love eating papaya mix anything good food in there for the papaya , wow 😲 , i when see you eating mix for the nice food papaya , you making hungry , but sweet heart , thanks you for your nice food mix papaya sweet heart beautiful girl , thanks you ,

happy new year to you and your family and the whole your friend and the my new friend overthere for 2020 , buddha loving for all your sweetheart 🙏🙏🙏 🌹❤️🌹🌟🍹🍸🥂🍺🍻🍦🍷🍭🕺💃💄💋🎂👏🏼👍
jellyfish mee.    (2 months & 7 days ago...   0)
Lucy Berger    (2 months & 8 days ago...   0)
Eat like peg


Gin Pai Thai Rang, @yainangdenmark