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Jannine Lee    (4 hours ago...   0)
I struggle with a jalapeño let alone these lol x
Rai shara    (4 days ago...   0)
Yours husband look like very gentle man I think..
Lau Plonplan    (6 days ago...   0)
Good husband with u eat
So happiness to for you
Teresa Hill    (6 days ago...   0)
I love spicy!!❤
Teresa Hill    (6 days ago...   0)
Awwww, he's tough😉
Thartei KT    (16 days ago...   0)
So sweet
jintana JT    (17 days ago...   0)
Good job.👏 good job. 👍
thghtless    (22 days ago...   0)
He’s so cute!
Cindy Nittes    (29 days ago...   0)
He's brave. Scandanavian food is quite bland. I think you have trained him to eat spice :)
Akkyz Amanzholova    (1 month & 5 days ago...   0)
I love your couple!! Nice video! We need more
Candy Sarao    (1 month ago...   0)
You guys are so cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
kanittha kunha    (1 month & 19 days ago...   0)
Really cute couple.
athena psichogios    (1 month & 22 days ago...   0)
God Bless you Gorgeous people But please stay away from to much food you both gain some kg i like you allot before PLS stay Healthy & Happy
เตชินท์ จาดดํา    (1 month & 27 days ago...   0)
DJ FCP Gamer    (1 month & 28 days ago...   0)
Think that eating earthworms
Celia vazquez    (1 month & 28 days ago...   0)
Wow! Que valiente jaja 😁
กานต์มณี บุญพิศาล    (1 month & 30 days ago...   0)
Gendhis Respati    (1 month & 30 days ago...   0)
Oh my God....I can't eat that's 😭😭😭😭😭
Connie Gaugler    (1 month & 30 days ago...   0)
Thank you for the English subtitles, husband is very handsome, you are very blessed to have such a good husband to eat that spicy food, you can see he is in pain. Husband don’t eat any more.🌶🌶🌶🌶😤😤😤 drink milk it will take the burn away fast, poor husband
Rayyan    (2 months & 2 days ago...   0)
Love you both. I know it's spicy for him. Regards from Malaysia.
nay bling    (2 months & 6 days ago...   0)
I dont know whats wrong with my ear but i think thailand and denmark language is kinda same😅and that instant noodle is so spicy salute for your boyfriend cause he can eat it like its not so spicy
Kym Ngin    (2 months & 7 days ago...   0)
You guys are hilarious and cute together. I love it! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😍
Get Gaming    (2 months & 7 days ago...   1)
Stark 5555
Micah Young    (2 months & 7 days ago...   0)
She sounds like damn controlling freak lady
Dorn Family    (2 months & 8 days ago...   0)
Hi dear. You tow are a cute couple


Gin Pai Thai Rang, @yainangdenmark