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Julie    ( ago...   0)
I like the way decorate the fruits, foods and something like this. Its stasty!!!. Although. I can't understand what you said.
Maui Dizer    (19 days ago...   0)
You have a nice backyard. And a green thumb too! 👍🏼
Rizalina Juan    (20 days ago...   0)
Wow its look delicious enjoy 💗💗💗
life hacks    (24 days ago...   0) pubg😁😁
Ana marie Malcampo    (26 days ago...   0)
Brittany Suzette Huerta Romero    (27 days ago...   0)
Madlane Vartanian    (28 days ago...   0)
We need translation in english we could understand n support your channel. Love ❤️ u
Cường Âu    (28 days ago...   0)
Nancy salazar    (28 days ago...   0)
Delicious fruit dear 🍒🍑😋👏👏👏😘💐
Ean Lee Parkin    (28 days ago...   0)
Plums so good.
Chea Sophan    (28 days ago...   0)
Why now your video don't have SUB EN as before I'm sad 🥺
Panna chaw    (28 days ago...   0)
You make everything looks so delicious!!!
Ann Loyd    (28 days ago...   0)
English translation please
Patricia Martinez    (28 days ago...   0)
I had to go vegetarian because still recovering from kidney removal and one kidney hard to digest animal protein. I eat fake meat lol. In 31/2 months I have lost 55 lbs.💕
heidiperez36    (28 days ago...   0)
Is all the fruit from your garden? They're beautiful! I love cherries! Enjoy.💜
Patricia Martinez    (28 days ago...   0)
Please do subtitles 💖
Patricia Martinez    (28 days ago...   0)
So glad you bought this new house. It’s beautiful and has a lovely yard . It’s nice to have a garden and greenhouse. Glad you are happy too. You have so many blessings. 2 wonderful kids and your husband who loves you. Always nice to see your videos.♥️ From Colorado USA. It’s has been so hot here. 2 weeks of 93 degrees. Be well beautiful lady.
Nora Asignacion    (28 days ago...   0)
Can you please put english subtitles? Thanks
Nora Asignacion    (28 days ago...   0)
What are those fruits? How does it taste?
Hello! From the Philippines
Kimpei Munthang    (28 days ago...   0)
Plant those big seeds and let's see how they grow 🥰
Abhay nair    (28 days ago...   1)
Very delicious 😋... ❤❤❤❤❤
Abhay nair    (28 days ago...   1)
Nice expression... Nice gardening... Where are your daughter & son... Big fan of yours...
YUM-ASMR    (28 days ago...   0)
Love cherries!😋😋
YUM-ASMR    (28 days ago...   0)
So healthy fruirs!😘
Iuliana Sandu    ( ago...   0)
Hello sweat woman good food today yummy 🤗😘😋🤗😘😋🤷‍♀️


Gin Pai Thai Rang, @yainangdenmark