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Alessandra Dal Corso    (9 months & 9 days ago...   0)
Hi! Can you give me the Recipe please? I'm from Italy, can you speak it alien... I love your videos
Karl Godwin Jabido    (1 month & 28 days ago...   0)
I pls share your papaya salad recipe
Thank you
Lizard Lizard    (3 months & 28 days ago...   0)
I love her
Anna Riza Atienza    (8 months & 7 days ago...   0)
Hello Ma'am What kind of sauce you put to your papaya salad please I want to make food like that...

Greetings coming from Hong Kong
Nazia Mir    (10 months & 6 days ago...   0)
Looking so cute 😍🇵🇰
Aggeliki Raptaki    (3 months & 6 days ago...   0)
Beautiful! Greek!
marys bagnaan    (3 months & 10 days ago...   0)
You make me jelous of what u eat maam,,
Amber phelan    (4 months & 2 days ago...   0)
When you bring back English subtitles I will start watching your videos until then dislike.
Celebrity    (4 months & 3 days ago...   0)
You don't have kids with your current husband?
Marie Unuka    (5 months & 4 days ago...   0)
Yessss cripsy pork!!! Mmmm 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕👌👌👌
Soudi Hu    (5 months & 7 days ago...   0)
Dear Gin Pai Thai Rang, I love watching you eat n make me want to eat too. Mou krob sound yummy. How do you make your crispy chicken with fish sauce?? From USA
Meliani Meliani    (6 months & 2 days ago...   0)
Hi.. can u teach how to cook a crispy pork?😁🙏
Shaisha Anderson    (7 months & 2 days ago...   1)
I love love love ALL your dishes! Videos very pleasant to watch as well ...I get hungry EVERY time! 😊😊😊🤪
marvin perez    (8 months & 12 days ago...   0)
I so love your videos made me hungry all the time love from the PHILIPPINES
Tina Nguyen    (9 months & 10 days ago...   0)
I love to hear a sound of your crunchy pork chewing 😋😋😋👍
Grace Salve    (9 months & 29 days ago...   0)
Spicy Papaya salad looks good and yummy! and the Pork is super crunchy.. Burp!
Alejandra Martinez    (9 months & 30 days ago...   0)
Hi every time I see you eating I feel like eating too that crispy pork skins sounds so good bon appetit
cungnawl kawl hla    (10 months ago...   0)
Would you use chili like phone again,haha
Merry Thomas    (10 months & 20 days ago...   0)
You food looks delicious and the colors
Is beautiful even though I don’t understand you word I do love it to watch you eating God bless🙏🙏
Jinda Sukbunma    (10 months & 23 days ago...   0)
sara sara    (10 months & 24 days ago...   0)
I like it 😋😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘
julia versteeg    (10 months & 24 days ago...   0)
Hello What
Christina Yena    (10 months & 24 days ago...   0)
Speak english
ความธรรมดา พี่    (10 months & 24 days ago...   0)
Take care
cahya wulandari    (10 months & 24 days ago...   1)
Hai mrs gin,, im from indonesia,, actually every saw ur video i wanna follow u to eat 😁 and am curiously how to make somtam but difficult to found the fermented fish sauce,,so how i can taste somtam without the fermented fish sauce


Gin Pai Thai Rang, @yainangdenmark