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Thanh Truc Nguyễn    (3 days ago...   1)
sinath pich    (3 days ago...   0)
Delicious 😋🤤
Jeckai Nell_Pens    (4 days ago...   0)
Hi ,what do you mean by Som Tam
Miles & Smiles Adventure    (10 days ago...   0)
Yum! That look so good. My mouth is watering :)
Chao vah Thao    (10 days ago...   0)
Looks so good love ❤️
Ninana Call    (12 days ago...   0)
Omg i don’t even like shrimps but now i just wanna try 🤣😩 thank you for your video. 🙏🤤 watching from France 🇫🇷
reyfah arifa    ( ago...   0)
but the outro tho. hihi
PapaBaipooh family Chanel    (16 days ago...   0)
V4f3e p8)
alice ching    (17 days ago...   0)
I ove the way you are eating it looks so delicious my mouth is watering so much
Sorina Yung    (17 days ago...   0)
Im so glad I have found a thai mukbangers who has english translation
Thị Thanh Hà Nguyễn    (17 days ago...   0)
Look at you eat “like Quỳnh Trần JP” ^^
Dorthe Loft    (17 days ago...   0)
Are you from Denmark
Alice Sun    (18 days ago...   0)
I like the way you teach us to cook. Thanks.
Vishal gupta    (18 days ago...   1)
Very very spicy somtam good
heidiperez36    (18 days ago...   0)
As always, your food looks so good. You look so pretty with the earings. Very nice. I would love to learn to make your papaya salad.❤
Mailyn Bastan    (19 days ago...   0)
Looks so delicious so many chili's I love the way you eating
Snakeheads CK    (19 days ago...   0)
So nice cooking my sister 😋🍲🍲🍲🥰🥰👏
hochart fabienne    (19 days ago...   0)
Cc can you take à vidéo with your husband? Thank you i am french so sorry for my english lol
sinath pich    (20 days ago...   0)
Yummy 😋🤤
Rizalina Juan    (20 days ago...   0)
Im Filipino, wow looking delicious... enjoy 💗💗💗
PAM YANAPAT    (20 days ago...   0)
Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer    (20 days ago...   0)
Hiii Gin Pai (I suppose that's your name?) I love watching you eat and how to make it. You've inspired me to eat more veggies 😋 I love that slurrpyyyyy sauce and veggie crunch. I am from India 🙏🏾 and I love Thai food ♥️🌹🤗😘😘😘😘
eating with karenglish    (20 days ago...   0)
I love eating Thai papaya salad with rice noodles. She always makes it look delicious. I have never tried with raw shrimp before but I wanted to try it one day.
Jose T Mendoza Jr    ( ago...   0)
Your face so glowing may i know what cream you are using im from philippines and leaving in Qatar now
Patricia Martinez    (21 days ago...   0)
Are you still going to try the keto diet? You mentioned you coupe at anything raw. I have to go vegetarian now since having my kidney cancer and removal of my kidney. It’s hard but doing ok. Love your videos.♥️


Gin Pai Thai Rang, @yainangdenmark