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melisa meybi gonzalez trejo    (1 month & 9 days ago...   0)
why? eat so much raw seafood ... I was with my rotten stomach if I ate that like that ...
Jessica Phan    (1 month & 17 days ago...   0)
The crunch is so satisfying 🤤
Sinat T    (1 month & 19 days ago...   0)
Not being disrespectful but is there anything you asians don't eat ??
Of uuob oo Disconnected huh    (1 month & 20 days ago...   1)
Watching from Arizona like ur eating portion !
didi borova    (1 month & 21 days ago...   0)
I subscribed and so in love with you!!!. Wish subtitles are available all the time
A Lee    (1 month & 21 days ago...   0)
WOW eating too fast today
And why your people not afraid to eat those raw shrimps??
Does look really good with the spicy salad
Eva Santos    (1 month & 21 days ago...   0)
Looks so good and spicy
Pear2 Charet    (1 month & 21 days ago...   0)
Yá'át'eéh mean Hello in Navajo Language.... I love the way u eat your delicious food.... Lol. Sitting here eating a Navajo Burger while watching you my dear...
Bockhörnchen 63    (1 month & 21 days ago...   0)
Hallo, i am watching from Germany and i missing your Good Englisch speaking,so i dont understand you ,sorry,but its looks soo yummi😊
Noralyn Abayon    (1 month & 21 days ago...   0)
Hi, I'm watching from Germany ❤️❤️❤️
shintaishi1    (1 month & 21 days ago...   0)
What do you call the round fruit you’re eating?
Bebs Basco    (1 month & 21 days ago...   0)
Hello! Watching from Philippines.🙂


Gin Pai Thai Rang, @yainangdenmark