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Patricia Martinez    ( ago...   0)
What do you like to be called?
Patricia Martinez    ( ago...   0)
Lol you made me want pork rinds. Buying them now lol
Patricia Martinez    ( ago...   0)
Love these older videos💗
Geri Pangelinan    (3 months & 30 days ago...   0)
still looks like you keep gaining weight
Trinh Trần    (10 months & 28 days ago...   0)
I love you
Amber phelan    (19 days ago...   0)
I think you are perfect just the way you are but if you are on a diet why eat fatty food? I thought the point of a diet was to eat less fatty foods. I'm sorry if that came off rude I'm not trying to be I'm honestly just curious because I've never been on a diet but have thought about it.
Yıldız Çetindede    (20 days ago...   0)
A Lee    (29 days ago...   0)
Ohh my.. she ate especially fast today
คันธรส จุมพลขันธ์    (1 month & 28 days ago...   0)
Very Cute😉
Megan Sunthorn    (3 months & 15 days ago...   0)
KETO works! My cousin has done it since last feb and has lost over 60 pounds
pimda PT.    (3 months & 16 days ago...   0)
Eat delicious. Want to eat. Hungry.
Ari Ani    (3 months & 27 days ago...   0)
Hallo... I'm from indonesia
Merry Thomas    (3 months & 27 days ago...   1)
Mam you food colors is beautiful
Jackie Llamado    (3 months & 28 days ago...   0)
Hi lady,
May I ask if where you at now??
I mean which country are you in now, thanks
Megan Sunthorn    (3 months & 28 days ago...   0)
I’m Lao and I understand Thai only a little bit. I miss your English subtitles!
SUKANYA PURTELL    (3 months & 29 days ago...   0)
Hi Aunty can u show the video of how you made the sweet syrup that u put in the spicy salad??? Thank you aunty!!! I love watching your video here in NYC!
Tiffany Tran    (3 months & 29 days ago...   0)
I don’t know what she’s saying, I don’t even care anymore. She makes me so damn hungry
S m    (3 months & 29 days ago...   0)
Healthy food 👍😋
Ragini Nair    (3 months & 29 days ago...   0)
How u able to eat raw food ????
monluedi Nonrusee    (3 months & 29 days ago...   0)
Hello everyone


Gin Pai Thai Rang, @yainangdenmark