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Vũ Lê    (3 hours ago...   0)
But, he see you on youtube
holland kloss    (13 hours ago...   0)
she puts all the good stuff on it and then let’s it fall off before she eats it 😩
Erica L    (15 hours ago...   0)
The precious cat in the background 😍
D Owl    (19 hours ago...   0)
The bean she is eating is stinky beans. Do the Danes eat the beans or is it only the Asians. Surprised you have them in Denmark ,Maybe being sold only in Asian markets. The after effect after eating the beans , yr will have foul breath n need to spray lots of freshner in the bathroom. The Thais n Indonesians loves them. Seem they r supposed to b good for people who has diabetic.
Tania Yanti    (1 day ago...   0)
Too much sauce Madam. Try without sauce and just enough with Lemon😀.
Rithy Ung    (1 day ago...   0)
9:13 so that black cat in the back round is hour pet okay
Vanessa    (1 day ago...   0)
I would have destroyed those oysters in 3 minutes. They look so delicious 🤤
sea    (1 day ago...   0)
you are so cute! 🥺💛
瓊Chan Joan    (2 days ago...   0)
(-5:33 👻👻👻)🙀😱🙀😱~~~
LanAnh Do    (2 days ago...   0)
If only she didn’t eat the poisonous msg
Jola and Sayana    (2 days ago...   0)
Love oysters but to much only one due so much potentin. Make me headache if eat more than two. From Saipan near Guam. Cheers.
emma m    (2 days ago...   0)
I wanna see you on First We Feast w/ Sean Evans because you’re putting a lot of heat on those bad boys.
Black Moon    (2 days ago...   0)
Is it not risk to all that huge oyster on her age to get stroke??😅

Me siting here with my instant noodle😑
RL VLOGS    (3 days ago...   0)
wow i love giant oyster with spicy vinegar... I'm new here, stay connected
Bobby ASMR    (3 days ago...   0)
Hi, nice to meet you.🤗🤗
I saw your video for the first time today and I fell in love with it.🥰🥰
Your video is very attractive.😁😁
I want to be friends with you.☺☺
Michael Kensington    (3 days ago...   0)
My mouth is watering....
Anabel Revill    (4 days ago...   0)
So yummy someday want to eat this 😋
Μαρια Αβραμιδου    (4 days ago...   0)
Richard Lou    (4 days ago...   0)
OMG r u eating chillies or eating oysters?
khossanah88    (5 days ago...   0)
We cooking    (6 days ago...   0)
the osyter so big with spicy and fresh veggtable🇵🇭
J Cooeyate    (6 days ago...   0)
Did it have some pearls?
Marissa Puente    (6 days ago...   0)
Looks tasty!
Amy Coral    (6 days ago...   0)
Do you ever get tired of eating oysters?? You make it look so good, makes me want to try them.
Neesha Kc    ( ago...   0)
Watching ur chubby cheeks I feel like m watching my mom eating .. 🇳🇵🥰🥰


Gin Pai Thai Rang, @yainangdenmark