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idekreatifku handmade    (1 day ago...   0)
karla11111111111    (1 day ago...   0)
You can never have too much chilli :D
It’s Lhianna    (6 days ago...   1)
wow great
Lakeshia Brymer    (6 days ago...   0)
I really like your all videos
zen eats    (6 days ago...   0)
I've never seen oysters that big - WOW!!!
raihan ros    (7 days ago...   0)
The texture of Pla Ra looks like Budu (Kelantanese origin sauce) from Malaysia
Teten Pramana    (8 days ago...   0)
Hallo, from indonesia🙏
Teneen W    (9 days ago...   0)
Are you having stinky beans with your oysters? Is stinky beans the same as bitter beans?
Migo Lakwatsero    (9 days ago...   0)
Wow so yummy 😋, but im worried because here in the Philippines 🇵🇭 you only eat 1 oyster a day because its cause of highblood pressure 😊
Victoria Kopua    (10 days ago...   0)
Those are so huge those oysters like wow wish had those in my town 🤤
Of uuob oo Disconnected huh    (12 days ago...   0)
Like watching ur video from Arizona .
Sweet Tea    (13 days ago...   0)
What was the green pod she ate? I was so crunchy
គឹម ហេង    (14 days ago...   0)
Cambodia sub
Viridiana Rostro    (16 days ago...   0)
2A7蘇淑怡    (23 days ago...   0)
You can see 5.20
santiago juarez    (24 days ago...   0)
What a lovely woman.. And the oisters my god.. My mouth is watering
Carlos Bonbon    (26 days ago...   0)
Yummy I like this food
Dessy Sianressy    (26 days ago...   0)
Your look so old.😢
Akane Sakurai    (29 days ago...   0)
Mamak eating raw pete.. 😂
Zacqualina Zayani    (1 month & 4 days ago...   0)
Really hope u can it the oyster in one bite alongside w the toppings ☹️
Lolla LA    (1 month & 5 days ago...   0)
Ma’m you eat amazingly 🤤🥰
Methaniel Mbkx    (1 month & 6 days ago...   1)
I see the black cat jump in the back
Glenda Sanchez    (1 month & 8 days ago...   0)
Are you ok? What is happening to your right eye?
Justisi 2000    (1 month & 12 days ago...   0)
That is pete
Itu adalah pete
Aotula Pongen    (1 month & 13 days ago...   0)
Lol those bitter beans reminds me of my mom! She loves them. They're also great if you have constipation but mind you they stink. 💜


Gin Pai Thai Rang, @yainangdenmark