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Lyd Visus    (6 months ago...   0)
You are aldo blessed with a partner that loves you and yours unconditionally
Michael Bjerre    (7 months & 8 days ago...   0)
My grandma of 100 years old and her baby sister used to swim there. 100 years old… baby sister only 94…. They have swimmed there for centuries.
Booboo    (7 months & 29 days ago...   0)
Nice, I enjoyed this video
Sarrah Sialana    (1 month & 17 days ago...   0)
Wow nice crabing. Stay safe
KAREN DEGEYTER    (3 months & 11 days ago...   0)
Amazing thank you for sharing
afda luna    (6 months & 2 days ago...   0)
Wow ...
marie sol    (6 months & 19 days ago...   0)
i love your vedio..
jonalyn campit    (9 months & 24 days ago...   0)
U had a great place to live...seafoods are easy to find just have a patient and work a bit 😋😋😋😉😉😊😊
Zarrah Jacobsen    (10 months & 2 days ago...   0)
Hi🤍 which prt of denmark did you catch those crabs?
Lu Ra    (10 months & 17 days ago...   0)
Survival tactics. Haha! Now I wanna be in Denmark than US
metchie larubis    (10 months & 29 days ago...   0)
You're an expert of catching crabs...
Ms Fuengirola Tv    (11 months & 5 days ago...   1)
Am enjoying your all vídeo sis you know the best tricks to catch the crabs your beaches are rich with food I wish here in Spain is the same coz I would love to experience catching my own seafoods more power to your channel lots of Love
Wallis Fernandes    (11 months & 5 days ago...   0)
Thank you for sharing how you catch crab. I want to live there it seems so easy and peaceful
Patricia Martinez    (11 months & 27 days ago...   0)
Wish I could come with you. Love your videos. Your hair looks lgreat❤️
King Sidd    (11 hours ago...   0)
Pretty sure some of those crabs at the bottom died.
ปิ่นแก้ว มีระหัน    (2 days ago...   0)
Brittany 8189    (6 days ago...   0)
You live in an awesome place!!
李歆堤    (11 days ago...   0)
我想妳應該喜歡我朋友,Angela BABY。
gretchen rollve    (13 days ago...   0)
They are too small. Let them grow 👍🏻
orenta toombs    (15 days ago...   0)
Hello new subscriber when will these videos be in english as forI am a big fan of yours already?
Genesis    (15 days ago...   0)
So nice of you to let the crabs go back, there’s so little meat in them anyway, at least you let them live some more.
Trọng Toàn Nguyễn    (16 days ago...   0)
from vietnam with loveee <3 <3
Memai L    (16 days ago...   0)
You should wear gloves next time you do that..
vy rak kohkong 999    (16 days ago...   0)
Zarrah Jacobsen    (16 days ago...   0)
i wanna do that with you! i love craaabbbsss & oysters!!


Gin Pai Thai Rang, @yainangdenmark