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Marlyn Marlyn    (12 days ago...   0)
Your children don’t really talk to your boyfriend?
Baby Mariya    (1 month & 16 days ago...   0)
Nice nd so sweet family mam god bless u all
tukta M    (1 month & 22 days ago...   0)
Yang sister Beautiful. 😂💕🌸☘️👍
Cananini    (2 months & 14 days ago...   0)
Your children have bad manners. They don’t wait for you. They already eaten
Of uuob oo Disconnected huh    (2 months & 28 days ago...   0)
Lovely family.
Alina Gangte    (3 months & 17 days ago...   0)
I like your son wow❤
Issac Kai    (4 months & 23 days ago...   0)
Secret Soul    (4 months & 23 days ago...   0)
Your husbands are so nice, he waited for you to eat together. He is a quiet but nice person as i can see. Your children look like u and they enjoy their mom cook, nothing taste the same like mom cook.
Gaddam. persiskamala    (5 months & 5 days ago...   0)
why did camila dont speak your language?
The Magic Spell WORLD    (5 months ago...   0)
Ur children eat fast before u come...but ur husband waiting for u..he is good man
Bos P Anan    (6 months & 15 days ago...   0)
4:51 แซบหลายพะนะ
yenni DOGAN    (6 months ago...   0)
Hi sister .i am yenny and malaysian and live in istanbul , turkey
Grace Kunal    (6 months & 22 days ago...   0)
Both your son and daughter are left handed same like my son and daughter. Here mom and dad are right handed same like there ♥️ from America
Rosario Francisco    (7 months & 23 days ago...   0)
A happy family dinner😄👍
Patricia Martinez    (9 months & 15 days ago...   0)
Beautiful family
Edralyn Aguelo    (10 months & 27 days ago...   0)
Red wine with beef perfect
Edralyn Aguelo    (10 months & 27 days ago...   0)
Your daughter same like me very quiet.
Edralyn Aguelo    (10 months & 27 days ago...   0)
She is very strong mom.i am pregnant now and its my first baby.never had companion so waiting my angel to be out.
malyn gerdian    (11 months & 13 days ago...   0)
this family is great there children is sweet and kind shes a good mom and a good wife too.💕😍😙
Khang Chánh    (11 months & 24 days ago...   0)
Erny Nugrohowati    (11 months & 26 days ago...   0)
pray before eat.
Reen Criszait    (18 days ago...   0)
Yes..mother around the world are same..they love..take care..caring..miss all the time their kids. Sometime crying alone when kids is not around
earth wind n fire    (1 month & 21 hours ago...   0)
Why is the cat plate has torn?
noreen yunos    (1 month & 18 days ago...   0)
I will be sad once they grow up they leave us. Feel away with kids when they used to be in the house during kids.
Lily Bostwick    (1 month & 19 days ago...   0)
I feel and see an awkwardness at dinner table...


Gin Pai Thai Rang, @yainangdenmark