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M Vang    (4 hours ago...   0)
You have a very beautiful family
RONA HONGKONG ADVENTURE VLOG    (5 hours ago...   0)
Michaela DeBiase    ( ago...   0)
Alyhanna Pineda    (21 hours ago...   0)
I feel dizzy watchimg you eating....
mi hunt    (22 hours ago...   0)
Where is it pleases???
Em Sayas    (1 day ago...   0)
doesn't raw oyster makes your tummy sick or even have parasite?
Virgo Vibe    (1 day ago...   0)
Is it safe to eat it raw?
Nell Norwood    (1 day ago...   0)
That's gross as hell.
Chatty Maloney    (1 day ago...   0)
Where's the Danish flag on the table?
Candy Panganiban Mabborang    (1 day ago...   0)
i love watching your vlogs most especially when you are with ur hubby...he looks young and handsome
Bella và cuộc sống ở cù lao Bạch Đằng    (1 day ago...   0)
So beautiful
Criss Cross    (1 day ago...   0)
This is so wholesome🥰
J R    (2 days ago...   0)
these oysters looks like they're just dumped everywhere
とまちゃん    ( ago...   0)
Very goood😍😍😍
Lissa75    (3 days ago...   0)
Wow I have a forest in my backyard.Its pretty and had lots of mushrooms.This place you are it is absolutely beautiful.The mushrooms are incredible 😍 ❤ Thank you for recording this video.It made my day.I also love that knife brush thingy!!
moni alcid    (4 days ago...   0)
You’re not gaining weight. How do you do it ?
MiyaTheQueenAnt    (4 days ago...   0)
She really enjoy the food... Eating politely.... Makesss me hungry!! More videosss!! From singapore
Paula Matafeo    (4 days ago...   0)
Well you are teasing me.I wish I live there, I will go collect oysters everyday.
My FOB to FAB Journey    ( ago...   0)
This is absolutely amazing WOW ❤️❤️
Muhammad Ali Ibrahim    (5 days ago...   0)
Parasite warning !! ⚠️⚠️
Al Yameen Naruddin    (5 days ago...   0)
What country ??
Snap Dragon    (5 days ago...   0)
I wonder if there any worms in that raw salmon and shrimp ???
Ch-7 cambodia    (5 days ago...   0)
Wow every good O ster
Thai Thai    (5 days ago...   0)
I thought I eat alot of chiles looks delicious
fern newe    (5 days ago...   0)
I love watching your videos.. But how you dont suffer from high blood pressure or Triglycerides?


Gin Pai Thai Rang, @yainangdenmark