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Vũ Lê    ( ago...   0)
But, he see you on youtube
Vannah Vision    (1 hour ago...   0)
Awww your to adorable! I love watching your videos you eat slow, don’t stuff your mouth and are fun to watch with all these good recipes. ♥️
hala elders    (2 hours ago...   0)
Months Go you are surprised how the arabs ate that fuits
You should ashamed of your self
How do u eat raw meat, fish it is very disguisting
Jola and Sayana    (3 hours ago...   0)
Wow, durian we dont have durian. We buy that fruit. Jack fruits not durian. Fr Saipan near Guam. Cheers.
Jola and Sayana    (3 hours ago...   0)
Hi again you both good couple. Enjoying your video at all times.
Jola and Sayana    (3 hours ago...   0)
My island is beautiful call it Commonwealth Northern Marianas island. Saipan Population 55,000 thousand. Lots of beaches. U.S.A Territory.
Jola and Sayana    (4 hours ago...   0)
Enjoy your time with husband. Both r great. From Saipan near Guam. Enjoy both.
Jola and Sayana    (4 hours ago...   0)
Enjoy the dinner time with partner. Papa and beautiful lady prepare the food. Always spicy food. Cheers both. Enjoy fr Saipan near Guam.
Jola and Sayana    (4 hours ago...   0)
Hi, watching again like your video always. Even your daughter is pretty as mother. Cheers. Enjoying you cooking always. WOW, FR SAIPAN NEAR GUAM.
Jola and Sayana    (4 hours ago...   0)
Hi, again Pretty moma. Like you video. Keep up the good work or food you making. Fr Saipan near Guam. Cheers.
Jola and Sayana    (6 hours ago...   0)
I enjoying your cooking especially feet of chicken noodles. Mush good and taste. Bye want to cook and also eat. Fr Saipan near Guam. Bye until next video. Bye.
holland kloss    (10 hours ago...   0)
she puts all the good stuff on it and then let’s it fall off before she eats it 😩
Joanne See    (10 hours ago...   0)
Every videos of yours so yummy n tasty ~ I'm so hungry too bad sister I can't try together with u 🙏🙏🙏😅
Joanne See    (10 hours ago...   0)
Hi sis, please stay safe during this period ~ 🙏🙏🙏 hope ye family members all good health n best I love ye video😍 take care
Erica L    (11 hours ago...   0)
The precious cat in the background 😍
Sam Oun Banglee    (12 hours ago...   0)
Love to see you and your mouth watering Som TAMMMMMMMM....
Tatiana Abovian    (13 hours ago...   0)
"It's only the oysters not other things" hahahahahaha😂 9:45
Karyn Bach    (13 hours ago...   0)
Are you shrimp fresh or frozen? I am not sure if it is safe to eat raw frozen shrimp. Any thoughts, anyone? I really want to try the recipe but what's holding me back is incant really get fresh shrimps.
D Owl    (16 hours ago...   0)
The bean she is eating is stinky beans. Do the Danes eat the beans or is it only the Asians. Surprised you have them in Denmark ,Maybe being sold only in Asian markets. The after effect after eating the beans , yr will have foul breath n need to spray lots of freshner in the bathroom. The Thais n Indonesians loves them. Seem they r supposed to b good for people who has diabetic.
hala elders    (17 hours ago...   0)
You should not wonder how they eat i think eating them is better than eating raw fish and many disguisting things you talk impolite about the arabs🤫
Haruthai Brett    (18 hours ago...   0)
You should worry about Covid!
Carolina Hernandez    (19 hours ago...   0)
Yummy 😋
Hlub Yang    (19 hours ago...   0) eat too much....your husband have no money he will leave you some day.....if you never stop eating
myrna mcmanus    (19 hours ago...   0)
Hi it's good to see your vedio stay well
dianne Ruslan    (19 hours ago...   0)
You alway make me fell so hungry.


Gin Pai Thai Rang, @yainangdenmark