NaNa Po

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That place is so beautiful I'd love to live near there
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I like how they keep the tags on
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0:00 she just saying how thankful she is for everyone who gave her a good luck wish for her new home. (it's like to wish everything goes well etc.) And how there is 2 rooms for her kids, shes just talking about why and how she get the house.

1:31 "come let's eat" and the explains the ingredients..

2:18 this is vietnamese noodles ita long like this.. come let's eat.. yai has prepared fresh and cooked prawns.

3:25 today my husband went to buy stuff. .. we still moving in to the new house bit by bit. We are moving out by next month... last day.

3:58 this __ is pretty big (idk the veggie maybe radish?)

4:18 the scent of this would be the scent of edible , scent of lettuce... uh.. beets root.

5:17 shes saying what's in the salad, idk what its called in English.

6:46 today the weather is so nice.. but the wind is a bit strong.
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Can you tell us how you and your boyfriend met? Love Australia


Gin Pai Thai Rang, @yainangdenmark