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Babak Rad    (6 months & 9 days ago...   85)
I had my dinner but I became hungry after seeing this. The noise of mouth chewing vegetables and food is so satisfying...
Tish Moore    (6 months & 18 days ago...   40)
Omg! Look at all of the vibrant colors of your food.. I would fall face first into that plate of food..... 💖💖💖💖 My family love you so much here in Texas...we have dinner and watch your videos everyday...
katj    (4 months & 12 days ago...   40)
Not sure if you'll read this but out of many 'thai wives', you're the only person I watch because you're so lovely :)
Paeng Keov    (5 months & 7 days ago...   39)
Your son is such a gentlemen!! It’s so cute how he would serve you and Camilla food!! (I’ve seen him do this in most of your videos)
Anonymous X    (3 months & 10 days ago...   36)
Can you please show how to make that pork skin? It looks soo delicious
Kaila Febrianti    (7 months & 28 days ago...   30)
Hallo ...
I'm from Indonesia and often watch your YouTube channel, but I don't understand the language you speak. can you give a translation for each word you say ? thank you ..
Mysue Bae    (7 months & 17 days ago...   29)
Your papaya salad always looking so good 😋 even thought I don’t understand Thai, love your meal and video today ❤️
jesmine brighter    (5 months & 7 days ago...   28)
Warm family and great dinner. Hello to you all. Happy moment. 🤗👍
jaime chomik    (6 months & 25 days ago...   27)
I love this video! Everything looks so delicious ! Hello from Canada! 🇨🇦
noon manji    (7 months & 10 days ago...   27)
Wow... I love yr English subtitle! 😘😘😘
Zoma sheikh    (3 months & 15 days ago...   26)
This crunchy piece make me so hungry. yummy
Paul Balot    (4 months & 29 days ago...   26)
Denmark has a very nice vegetation. If we really nurture and respect mother nature, it provides everything we need to survive even without money.
sysoyev andrey    (10 months & 23 hours ago...   26)
Help teach us how to cook Thai food.
Jasmine Love    (5 months & 21 days ago...   25)
He seems so annoyed 🙈😂😂I’m sorry but he doesn’t seem happy!at all and u seriously do NOT look like a couple!!!
Tish Moore    (1 month & 27 days ago...   25)
You two are so cute ❤ together....great rock!
Fuhikie Waie    (7 months & 24 days ago...   25)
i dont understand but..... i got soooooooooooooooooooooooooo hungry and this looks sooooooooooooo tasty!!!!! :3
can you also do videos with english subs? :)
maikou xiong    (4 months & 21 days ago...   24)
Do you have any more video in English sub? I don’t understand the language you speak. I love watching your videos 😊🙏
헤비스커스[Heb]    (2 months & 12 days ago...   23)
Wow..안녕하세요 ~
Your pronunciation is too accurate.
I love shrimp~~
It looks very delicious
Gigi Cedo    (4 months & 5 days ago...   23)
That strawberries are quite big.. i never taste it with choco, What i usually do is mixed it with sugar and milk in a blender with lots of crushed ice...VERY REFRESHING INDEED!!!
beckham cr7    (6 months ago...   23)
close your eyes and say you love me 😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😂🤣🤣🤣😃😃😃😅😅
may anne    (9 months & 27 days ago...   23)
Like your food madame its makes me hungry 😉and suportive husband sweet😍😍
Gigi Cedo    (3 months & 25 days ago...   22)
I also made a papaya salad the other day with fried pork. ( i boiled it first and then fried) so it is also crackling .,and it made my day. BUT WATCHING U TONIGHT. I think i will cook it again. ( papaya salad and little crackling pork) LOVE TO YOU😘😘😘
sheriamorita    (6 months & 18 days ago...   22)
The way you eat is sooo appetizing ❤️❤️
Cademan Caden    (8 months & 27 days ago...   21)
This must be what heaven looks like.
Azlan Said    (2 months & 25 days ago...   19)
i love how your cat minding his own business...


Gin Pai Thai Rang, @yainangdenmark