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Carmelinda Pala    (6 days ago...   0)
Hi, 😋😋🥰🥰😘❤💙💜,,from india
Sudahrut Sureeyah Jiepan    (6 days ago...   0)
Always yummy :) good afternoon from USA
Jes darwis    (6 days ago...   0)
Hi sist..i am frome Jakarta Indonesia i see you vidio long year ego and know, bdw do you know youtube Thailand Chompoo Shangcan ? Shee is Some you like eat som tam and eat seafood, thank you i like see you vidio, God Bless You
Ammysoyo Ok    (6 days ago...   0)
I love watching you eat. I enjoy it. It look very good.
HUNGRYBEE ASMR    (6 days ago...   0)
Aroy Aroy ja Yai 😋😋
aprill moua    (6 days ago...   0)
Looks delicious!
zubia shoaib    (6 days ago...   0)
Crona does not allowed raw plz fry
Delphine Fuentes    (6 days ago...   0)
Any English subtitles?
Noel Nugraha    (6 days ago...   0)
Testy food.. 😋
Isabel Gados    (6 days ago...   0)
you're eating too much that are not cook like that fish are not good sometimes fish have diseases that can transfer to human.
Darnella Waikato-Hagley    (6 days ago...   0)
I really wish u could do English subtitles coz I like watching u but I don’t understand you which is my bad but wish I could
Laura Fadhilah    (6 days ago...   0)
Look very spicy 🌶 must be very yanmy😋
Daisy Mary Kuo    (6 days ago...   0)
Lovely salmon...
Vantib ASMR    (6 days ago...   0)
So crunchy sound
Sweet Grace Olaso Vlog    (6 days ago...   0)
Always watching your videos madam from Philippines
phonplan lau    (6 days ago...   0)
Eat so many you have fit body 😚😚😚
GAP-TEE ASMR    (6 days ago...   1)
Eating start 1:08
Clarice Baker    (6 days ago...   0)
Good morning, I love your show
Patricia Martinez    (6 days ago...   0)
Looks great. We call that a Tomahawk steak
Patricia Martinez    (6 days ago...   0)
Another great video💕
Patricia Martinez    (6 days ago...   0)
Do you ever share with Panda?
Patricia Martinez    (6 days ago...   0)
Love this video. Your videos have been helping me during my rehab from surgery. Makes me happy and keeps me positive. Thank you❤️
Jean Ann Robles    (6 days ago...   0)
Love those oysters! Are they free to pick up or you have to get permit? 💞💞💞
Patricia Martinez    (6 days ago...   0)
Looks so tasty💕
Evelyn Sellman    (6 days ago...   0)
I wish you can transfer in English! I would like to get your recipe.


Gin Pai Thai Rang, @yainangdenmark