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Mary Reynolds    (14 days ago...   0)
Ok, I've been told I'm painfully honest so forgive me when I mention this. So I off and on check out your videos..I epically like the video's when you get your family meals. Anywho, I've been watching some videos with your husband and you eating together, and what I'm about to say is what I saw in this video is why I just don't watch as much anymore. Please know I'm not judging you, I don't dislike you...this is just what my heart tells me. So here it goes....I think you have the sweetest husband, very kind and gentle, shows you respect and just a kind hearted man. I see that he shows you the up most respect. Now what I've noticed with you is, well for of the video's he asked you if he can eat the skin of the fish, you very rudly shook your head yes, said yes but you said it like excuse me, you should know it so don't bother asking. The crazy thing is when he asked you he was so soft spoken and almost afraid to ask you. So I've noticed in many of the videos of you too that he acts like he needs to wait for your approval...and many times if he wants another bite of something when you have a huge plate full, if he asks you tell him no you can't have anymore. So my thoughts on this...either you are very over baring , you wear the pants in the fami.y and it is what it is, or he just takes it, he let's himself be belittled, or you both are the most loving couple, he is allowed to be the man in the family and this is all for show. I honestly don't know. ALL I'm saying is he seems like a very kind man and these days it's not easy to find a good man. I hope that I'm wrong and he is allowed,to be the man that loves his family protects his family and can feel he is needed.
For my husband I want him to know he is the one who wears the pants in the has nothing to do with it. I want my husband to feel very important and I'm proud to show it.
Thank you...I mean no disrespect I like this channel.
Mary Reynolds    (14 days ago...   0)
I meant to say the restaurants, all the restaurants I go to prefer the smaller ones too.
Mary Reynolds    (14 days ago...   0)
Smaller ones taste better to me, larger ones have a tendency to taste rancid.
Ej ariana    (14 days ago...   0)
wow many oysters, yummy if boil
June    (15 days ago...   0)
Hi I hope there are save to eat 😮
Arnica De Guzman    (15 days ago...   0)
Looks so delicious 🤤😊 much love from Philippines 🇵🇭
Meryl    (15 days ago...   0)
This is so cute 😂❤
Meryl    (15 days ago...   0)
My kind of mukbang. No food wastage just enjoying enough yummmmmmerzzz
3am    (15 days ago...   0)
3am    (15 days ago...   0)
Tina Chick    (15 days ago...   0)
Thank you for sharing this remarkable video 💞💓💞
Esther Tan    (15 days ago...   0)
Best mukbang i hv watched
Anonymous X    (15 days ago...   0)
You are so lucky, no you are an expert for finding such beautiful mushrooms in middle/end of November! Can you tell me how and when to look for? Do you have an advice? Please tell me the secret 🙏🙏🙏
Esther Tan    (15 days ago...   0)
Yum yum yum yum!!!! This is incredible!
Meoshyi Taylor    (16 days ago...   0)
You couldn't pay to eat that
NK Channel    (16 days ago...   0)
The expression of brother in law was so good 😀😀🤣🤣
82Brightstar    (16 days ago...   0)
You know to make it sooooo good!
My mouth is watering watching you eat
but I could never eat anything raw like that!
Too scared of germs
Kelley Gabriel    (16 days ago...   0)
Love it n U r so lovely hi from Australia 💙
Jennifer Shields    (16 days ago...   0)
I love thia food. I just came across your videos. You and your husband are too cute!
Vince Pritchard    (17 days ago...   0)
It's very important to put the oysters back to the sea after you eat the meat because the baby oyster are attached to it.
Jay Fillarca    (17 days ago...   0)
Very sweet mY favorite here in Phillipines
Sonia Rodriguez    (17 days ago...   1)
It would be so nice if we had English translation 🤗 love your videos ! 🤍
Phanh Sysavath    (17 days ago...   0)
This is Lao people traditional(Issan) we called summa our parents(asking for forgiveness if we children ever saying or do something that upset our parents(usually every New Years). I’m crying so much love your families💜❤️
Garfield Cat    (17 days ago...   0)
Oh we need to eat the green banana with the peel to stop cough 😅.
Babe B    (17 days ago...   0)
Looks Good


Gin Pai Thai Rang, @yainangdenmark