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Marlene Guevara    (9 days ago...   0)
Thank You for sharing this recipe, we call this in Filipino -Lumpia
Nazima Nazima    (9 days ago...   0)
What is the meaning of anvochy
Julie    (9 days ago...   0)
I like spicy food and vegetable. The way of your decorate look so good
Julie    (9 days ago...   0)
In your country. Vegetable, fruit, and food are cheaper than my country. I really like that. Especially pumpkin. Too many kind of pumpkins. Great
[쏭군] SSONG ASMR    (9 days ago...   2)
This is a masterpiece. Truly 💗
Alexander King    (9 days ago...   0)
Charlie Blessed    (9 days ago...   0)
Lou J2020 J    (9 days ago...   0)
She eats those oysters like they are delicious lol I never could bring myself to eat oysters 🦪 😆
Bảo anh Lê    (9 days ago...   0)
Amazing beach i ever seen. This is heaven.
Hayati May    (10 days ago...   0)
Yummy 😍
Talita Magalhães    (10 days ago...   0)
Your husband is very beautiful
Cherry Ople    (10 days ago...   0)
Is the red big pepper spicy??I love it when you eat it
Azah Azli    (10 days ago...   0)
After watching your video im started craving oyster huhuhu . Will visiting Denmark after diz pandemic
Primitive BB    (11 days ago...   0)
SWEETWATERZ    (11 days ago...   0)
Beautiful home ♥️
Marlyn Marlyn    (11 days ago...   0)
What is the address?
Gatim impreuna / Kochen zusammen / Cook together    (11 days ago...   0)
You're a very nice person.
You can cook very good.
I like to cook, too.
maria eisma    (11 days ago...   0)
Those 2 big oysters left over, it's good for breaded and fried oysters to make a sandwich it is yummy, trust me.
mk july29    (11 days ago...   0)
good afternoon
GeminiASMR    ( ago...   0)
So nice what camera do u used to film?
Dezina Khosroabadi    (12 days ago...   0)
I love you videos!!!! I wish I lived on a beach and could get my own oysters 😭💖
Irine Hauzal    (12 days ago...   0)
You are so lovely while eatng time
Irine Hauzal    (12 days ago...   0)
U looks so beautiful with your boyfriend i really like you dear
สาวอีสาน ไกลบ้าน Thai Aussie    (12 days ago...   0)
You make me cry😭😭
Namnam Dis    (12 days ago...   0)
I love mushrooms! ♥


Gin Pai Thai Rang, @yainangdenmark