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Babe B    (12 days ago...   0)
Looks Delicious 😋
Hanne Kristensen    (12 days ago...   0)
Translation to english🙏
Ora Crawford    (12 days ago...   0)
I really miss the subtitles in english.
Banoo joon    (12 days ago...   0)
Anybody can say what's happened to her boyfriend??? I am really so curious about them
Teresa Bustamante    (12 days ago...   0)
Speak English! U r the only one Understand what ur talking about.Watch ur diet girl be careful.
Tina Chick    (12 days ago...   0)
Hi, could you please translate into English for us? I just love watching you and your husband doung everything ❤️
Tangela King    (12 days ago...   0)
Food looks sooooo delicious!!! Yummy 😋😋👍😋😋😋😋😋😋
God bless 🇺🇸❤
craig howard    (12 days ago...   0)
Wow, beautiful mushrooms
Mrs Varnes    (12 days ago...   0)
next time please show us how to make the papaya salad. thank you.
Krazie Kookie    (12 days ago...   0)
Why your videos doesn’t have English subtitle anymore 😢
Michele mx    (12 days ago...   0)
You used to have captions in English - what happened to them?? I noticed that most of the Thai channels have no subtitles - why?? I haven’t been watching you because I don’t know what you are saying and plenty of people on here also requested the subtitles and just plain nothing from you 😩
Blume    (12 days ago...   0)
Nancy, Mcnulty    (12 days ago...   0)
It seems like she eats the same thing most of the time. Why doesn’t she respond to English subtitles?
Patricia Martinez    (12 days ago...   0)
Hi Panda
Patricia Martinez    (12 days ago...   0)
Yum. I can smell it cooking. 🌹
mily gomes    (13 days ago...   0)
Hi madam how are you pls speaking English also because we are watching but not understand what you talking your language so better half English if you can thanks
Maggiely Tsoi    (13 days ago...   0)
Dish looks very delicious. I want to eat it so much. And I want to making her sauce but I don’t know how to do😢
Marlene Harden    (13 days ago...   0)
Thank you for sharing your Gorgeous self and the beautiful mushrooms 🙋‍♀️😇 Happy Thanksgiving 🦃
hurtgirll    (13 days ago...   0)
I miss the English subtitles...
Mi Pequeño Paraiso🌼    (13 days ago...   0)
Facinante 👍
Heng SreyOun    (13 days ago...   0)
I like video
Malas Bwenas    (13 days ago...   0)
Pretending to get oyter haha
Garfield Cat    (13 days ago...   0)
I can’t understand Thai. Got English subtitles 😅?
Norie Tanhueco    (13 days ago...   0)
Yummy and fresh
buwty    (14 days ago...   0)
e pop


Gin Pai Thai Rang, @yainangdenmark