Yuli Prihartini

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Hi,Mom.Indonesia said Good morning.I am very happy mom..if i can see you altough pass just vidio.I miss you and i aproud you,because you are a great Mom and you can give a motivation for many people with your the best strong Mom,wise Mom and patient Mom.Wow...it's very wonderful if you fix your nice house.Excelent.❤️💕😍😘🤗👍😀
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Hi,Mom...i love you all.i like if you can eat with your son and your daughter together.I like you all very much and Where is your husband,Mom...???😀👍❤️💕😍😘
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Good job Mom...you are beautiful mom.i like your vidio and you make me admire with you.I am happy to watch you always with your favorite food.👍🙏😀😘😍🤣❤️💕
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Hi,Mom...i like your perform Mom...you are very polite in eating and you are enjoying very much.Good job and good day.I love you Mom..👍🙏💕❤️😘😍
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Hello,Mom...In indonesia at 08.20 am.I am very happy when i can you eat anything with your family.You are a smart mom and wise in a handle of your activities.I like your perform very much.Good luck and success always come with you all.Ok,Mom...😘😍💕❤️👍😀🙏🙏
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Hai,Mom....how are you today mom???You look very happy mom...Good day and Good luck mom.👍💕🙏😍
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You are aeting some meat very polite and i like your way eating.Slow and smart.👍🙏💕😘
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Hai mom,i like your way eating salmon fish.you're very enjoying your food.Wow,i am very happy if i watch you very hot and wet.😁😀👍
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I love you and i love your patient mom.I am Mrs.Yuli mom....i like your calm style and not lie.👍👍🙏🙏
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You are a polite mom.you're great mom.🙏🙏🙏
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Hai,mom.You look beautifull mom...i like your style and you look simple and calm mom.Success for you and Good bless you always.Say hello to your husband.Ok.👍🙏
(3 months & 22 hours ago...   1)
Hai mom...your cat is very cute and funny because its color full black.you like a cat,same with me.👍🙏❤️
(3 months & 1 day ago...   1)
I Love you mom..i Like very much your dream house.it's very nice and very large and soft color.I am very happy can watch your dream house.I aproud with you,because you are a humble mom althoug you have to be a success woman.Good!!!👍👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏💕💕💕💕
(3 months ago...   1)
You look beautifull mom...and your husband is very handsome and wise and very patient.👍🙏
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Hai,mom.i love you so much.i love your trafeling with your husband.Enjoy it and i hope you all always happy forever.Aamiin...👍🙏💕
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I stay here always watch your channel mom...i love you with your family.🙏👍😍💕
(3 months ago...   1)
You are very funny because you call your husband is your boy friend.hahahaaa...😀😁
(3 months ago...   1)
Assalamu'alaikum...i am moeslem.but i like your humble mom..i am Mrs.yuli from indonesia.you're very beautiful mom and very kind.i love you mom...🙏✊👍😘
(3 months & 13 days ago...   1)
Hai,mom...your husband is very clever too.He tries for making spicy som tam.Hayoo to do that! You show to your wife that you able.👍🙏
(3 months & 13 days ago...   1)
Hai,Mom..this is Indonesia always up date in your channel.I l like your calm face and wise face...hones and patient.Success come with you always.😘💕👍🙏
(3 months & 14 days ago...   1)
Indonesia always look at your eating.I love your patient and wise mom.💕👍🙏
(3 months & 14 days ago...   1)
Indonesia always look at your performance.🙏👍
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Hai,i am from Indonesia.I am Mrs.Yuli.i am very happy to show your eating in every time.I am very happy too if i look at you when you always smile and smile in everything.I love you and i love your family.😘💕


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