Vilaivan Chanthirat

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Lobster 🦞 at USA 🇺🇸 are expensive
$100.00 we can get for 2 or 3!Lobsters
in 🇺🇸. we can have bast Lobster at ME. I wen t to eat also have family members got vacation home up there so beautiful Atlantic area.
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Grandma 👵 she so cute . and she wearing Laos silk Sine .
I miss my grandma in Laos . it bring back my memory I went to visit my grandma 20 year ago. she passed away 6 year ago and make it to 86 years old 🥰😘😥
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I miss eating with my sons😥😰😰
when I watched you eating video.
my son came home for New Year with two brothers and 4!of his friend s.
They bought king crab 🦀 and big 🦞
they spent almost $500 . for seafood.
it bring me good memories 😊
like you both speaking in Thai and Laos
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Sabai dee mother and s👩🏻 and 👱‍♂️
🦞🦞🦞 look so good. 😋😋😋
where you two eating at??
it’s in Thailand ?
I am from USA. I never have big 🦞🦞
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food l look so good. mother and son funny 😄 and cute, I like she speaking in Thai and Laos.. also cat cute to.
the backyard looks beautiful.
after I watched your video make me miss my mum cooking. she have a big yards and live there the sane house forever. now she 72 can’t cook much like use to be. we also are cat people’s.
we love cats my mum have three cats they are name Panda , Yoko and
snow cat. they are cute and funny.
I can see your son wait for mom cooking good food. when my son came home for visit I always prepare foods . I know they miss home cooking. they are work deferred country , city and state .
one working at DC . and one working outside US. and one not far from home . they are beautiful.
I can see your son beautiful as well 😊


Gin Pai Thai Rang, @yainangdenmark