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CraftyJoy9    (3 hours ago...   0)
Hi! Those oysters look so yummy!! Thanks for sharing your your meal with us!
Patricia Martinez    (4 hours ago...   0)
So happy for you. Glad you bought a house. Is the kitty with you? It’s nice to have a bigger home space. Hugs to you and your family. Blessings in the new 🏡
moe war    (5 hours ago...   0)
The best Mom ever for her kids 🥰😘
TnWonderer    (6 hours ago...   0)
So are you Thi living in Denmark.
.. new sub
Patchadaporn Patchadaporn    (11 hours ago...   0)
Ms Pila T    (17 hours ago...   0)
Is expensive to buy house there? How much u bought new house? 😘😘
SweetieMom G.    (17 hours ago...   0)
Hi...hope you can visit my vlogs too!
One fan here....
Olivia Edward    (19 hours ago...   0)
I found your video by accident and ive been watching you for 4 hours now😂😂😍.. I like watching thai's video but not many with english subtitle... Great story, i love watching and keep them coming.. Stay safe💙
PATTY NOBLES    (22 hours ago...   0)
I'm so touch I remember my mother.. Your very loving daughter just like me..❤️ Hugs!!
Dorothy Featherstone    ( ago...   0)
You are going to burn the lining of your stomach you wont be laughing at that.
Gerard Rager    (1 day ago...   0)
eating with karenglish    (1 day ago...   0)
I love Thai papaya salad ❤️❤️
jacinta nengnong    (1 day ago...   0)
Hi ❤from India🇮🇳..... Try some indian cuisine also 🙏😁😄
Annelyn Lawton    (1 day ago...   0)
I can’t stop watching your videos they’re all amazing. I love the foods that you craved specially the seafoods , fresh oysters.. I wish I’m near you I will not shy to ask some of your food
Euris Phuah    (1 day ago...   0)
sweet couple
I was smile until the end watching ur video, love ur video.
Zacqualina Zayani    (1 day ago...   0)
Really hope u can it the oyster in one bite alongside w the toppings ☹️
Tri07 Bach    (1 day ago...   0)
I have watched many videos of my friends and I really want to know how to make this perfect delicious dish, thank you
nnnaaa tya    (1 day ago...   0)
Beautiful view ❤☺
jacinta nengnong    (2 days ago...   0)
I have my own balls 😲😲😲😆😆😜😜😜😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
jacinta nengnong    (2 days ago...   0)
I like your eggs... Oohhh ...scramble eggs🥚🥚 🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣
jacinta nengnong    (2 days ago...   0)
You guys are too cute together👫🥰
Amy G    (2 days ago...   0)
Your food looks so yummy. Thai food meets Japanese sashimi. 😋
Lolla LA    (2 days ago...   0)
Ma’m you eat amazingly 🤤🥰
Monika Feite    (2 days ago...   0)
Your one of my favorites.i really like watching your videos ghey are funny.your always happy so amazing 😊take care God bless .
thomas welte    (2 days ago...   0)
I love papaya salad but my toilet doesnt


Gin Pai Thai Rang, @yainangdenmark