Hi everyone. I'm Yainang, and this is Gin Pai Thai Rang. I love to TALK, EAT and COOK, so that’s what you’ll find in my channel. I'm from Thailand, but I have lived in Denmark for over 20 years. So here I'll be sharing with you what I have learned about the food and culture from both countries. Here are some of the topics that you’ll find in my channel: MUK-BANG / ASMR / RECIPES / Eating GIANT SEAFOOD / Eating VERY SPICY FOOD / Picking MUSHROOMS / REVIEWS / SHOPPING My channel has a large playlist section where you can browse the topics you enjoy the most. My videos are constantly updated with subtitles in various languages, including captions in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and many more. I love reading your comments and requests, so I'll try to answer as many of them as possible. I'll be responding to comments in Thai, English and Danish. Thank you so much for watching and supporting my channel, and may you all be blessed with wealth. See you in the next video :)


Gin Pai Thai Rang, @yainangdenmark